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One World Trade Visit the 9/11 Memorial, and climb to the observatory of the Freedom Tower
New York's Little Italy District
Grimaldi's Pizza under the Brooklyn Bridge
New York Style Chinese Food
Washington Park Arch
Nathan's on Coney Island
Katz's Deli Pastrami on Rye with Mustard
New York Chinatown Walk below the lanterns and haggle for deals!
Long Island Wineries
Peter Luger Steakhouse Cash-only steak icon where old-school waiters serve aged beef in a German beer hall setting.

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- New York State - Stories -


    Yes, of course, we will tell you all about "The Headless Horseman" and 'ole Rip VanWinkle, and lots of other Dutch Folks including the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, 3 Presidents = 2 Roosevelts & Van Buren - ALL Hudson Valley New York  Families.  And, Jay Gatsby and Daisy.           

-All familiar, so far ?  All of their homes and estates are - OPEN for Guided Tours -


     New York State is where people, lots of people, millions of people, go for - FUN, History, Wineries, Skiing, Boating, Sailing, Horse Racing, Broadway, Empire State Building, Ocean Beaches & Swimming, 2 Winter Olympics.     The list is endless.  More people go to New York City to "make it big" than any other city in the World.  Not as many people go to Ripley, or the Town of Rouse's Point, or Fisher's Island ...       

 - more about these THREE towns later ...   


        New York is where "Empires" were built.  From the early days of Dutch settlers and Plantations along the majestic Hudson River to the English taking over a few years later - to the Dutch re-taking New York  AND  The English re-re-taking the colony and re-naming it ... New York ...


       Are you following all of this ?  We surely hope so, since from its founding, New York has been the home of the land barons - some called the Robber Barrons - where Empires were built ... and lost. Welcoming MILLIONS of people from ALL backgrounds.  No Judging, just, come-on, begin your NEW life HERE - In New York ... in America.   New York is a place for FUN.   


    From Montauk Point in the East - adjoining the Atlantic Ocean, to Rouses Point on the North, bordering on Lake Champlain and Canada - to Ripley ?  Ripley, is New York State's furthest Western town - bordering on Lake Erie and Pennsylvania, Ripley is a One Industry town = Grapes.  More about that later


     Ripley and Rouse's Point each have populations of just more than 2,000 people.  That is TOTAL population, folks.  EACH,   Rouses Point on Lake Champlain is only 45 miles from Montreal, Canada.  And Ripley is more than 630 Rail MIles from Montauk Point and  435+ miles from Rouses Point.  BTW, Montauk has approx 3300 year-round residents.  


      Montauk Point and Fisher's Island   Where ?  BOTH are the furtherest Island points EAST in New York.  BOTH  Border on Long Island Sound.  BOTH have Ferry Service.  BOTH have an airport.  ONE welcomes Tours.   ONE is in New York but has a Connecticut ZIP CODE - AND a New York Area Code


- Go Figure -


      Yes.  You can Take a Train from Montauk to (thru) Ripley - 630 PLUS miles AND a train from Montauk to Rouse's Point - - or BOTH -


   ... New York is, Truly, the Empire State ...


ALL New York State Reservations  888-837-7885


New York City - 41 Tours


The BEST Tour - Our BIG,BIG Apple Tour 

... Only $49pp  Motorcoach - Guide - Cruise


   41 Spectacular Tours - Also, FUN, Interesting - Historic


- Manhattan - 31 Tours -

- The Big Apple - What we think of when we say "The City"


- The MOST Exotic Island in the World -


- Brooklyn - 2 Tours -

Most People -  More varied population - Newly "Hip"

- Park Slope - Brooklyn Museum - 


- Staten Island  - 2 Tours - 

Smallest - Almost Rural by NYC Standards - St George

Connected to NYC by a Ferry and The Verrazzano Bridge

YES !  2 "Zs"       NYC  Just found out ... aftrer 400 Years.


- Queens - 3 Tours -

Most Land area and LOTS of People and Immigrants


- The Bronx - 3 Tours -

Lots of People - A Zoo  - The Yankees - Arthur Avenue

and a Spectacular Botanical Garden -

- did we mention the Yankees ?

- The ONLY Borough on Mainland North America -   




- New York State is MORE than NY City -


= 247 -  MORE  Tours


NewYorkTrainTours - 98 Tours


    Many of the Empire State's "Empires" were RAILROAD Empires built by New Yorkers living in the Hudson River Valley and on Fifth Avenue.  YOU can travel their rails, even ride and enjoy their exquisite Private Rail Cars.  98 Rail Tours in New York State should keep you busy ... and entertained.



- - 12 Tours -

 12 Winery Tours in New York State and Nearby New England.  NY has 3 Wonderful Wine Regions and 400+ Wineries and 1,600 Family Vineyards.  THAT is a LOT of Grapes. 

Join  our Award Winning Wine Train Tours  1 to 7 Days 



- Long Island  - 17 Tours -


The Ultimate Suburb - 200 miles of beaches - Atlantic Ocean 

Really FUN.  Not what you think of. 

Suburban to the Hamptons.

LOTS of Wineries - and People - almost 8 Million People live on Long Island, New York.



- Upstate New York  - 120 Tours -


- New Yorkers (NY City ) tend to call Everything North of the Bronx  ... "Upstate" ...  Below are the "Upstate" Regions ...



- Hudson River Valley - 58 Tours -   


- 4 Regions - ALL Dynamic and Spectacular -

   Lower Hudson                   Yonkers-Peekskill   - Mostly Suburban

   Hudson Highlands             Peekskill-Cold Spring-West Point

   Upper Hudson                    Historic Older Cities to Albany - 

   Northern Hudson Valley    Saratoga and LOTS More

   Wine Train Tours               4  -



- Adirondacks  Mountains  - 16 Tours -


Lake George to Lake Placid to Lake Champlain to Mt Marcy -

- 2 Olympics - 3 Lake Cruises - 4 Train Tours - Mansions called "Great Camps" from the 1800s - OPEN for Tours. 

World Class Museums & 2 - North Country Tours  NY-VT-NH



- Western New York  - 13 Tours -


  - Niagara Falls   Mother Nature's Masterpiece   USA and Canada

  - Finger Lakes   Outstanding Wine Country and 11 Stunning Lakes

  - Cooperstown  Combines with MANY other Regional Attractions.

  - Cornng             1 Day - if you are in the area


- New York State - Tour INDEX -


The Empire State


... More than You can See in a Lifetime - or Longer




NewYorkScenicTours . com



Very Special NOTE 16 Long Island Sound Tours - under Long Island


... include All Water-Themed  Cruises & Tours  from Connccticut to Newport RI





           1. YOU Can Modify ALL Tours to Suit the Interest & Budget of Your Group


           2. YOU can Create YOUR Perfect Tour.  We Do the Work - YOU have the FUN


           3. - NOTE - You may choose the Level, Cost, & Value of Your Tour, Too - 


4 = Superior    3 = First Class  = Most Popular   2 = Economy



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