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Montauk Lighthouse Museum The Montauk Point Light is a lighthouse located adjacent to Montauk Point State Park, at the easternmost point of Long Island, in the hamlet of Montauk in the Town of East Hampton in Suffolk County, New York. The lighthouse was the first to be built within the state of New York, and was the first public works project of the new United States. It is the fourth oldest active lighthouse in the United States.[4] Long listed on the National Register of Historic Places, in 2012, it was designated as a National Historic Landmark for its significance to New York and international shipping in the early Federal period.
Mansions of the Hamptons
Vanderbilt Museum
Duck Walk Vineyard
The Jackson Pollack House
Thimble Islands
Mystic Seaport Museum
Take the Ferry The Explorer pulling into Ocean Beach Harbour
Block Island shores
North Light, Block Island
Block Island, RI
Rose Cliff, Newport, RI
Narragansett Bay, RI
"Bug Light" Lighthouse near Greenpoint

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                  LC2 - All Around Long Island Sound -

      - Lobster Tales -

- 1,2,3 Day Tour -


... Fresh & YUMMY Lobsters ! 

- Lobsters & Lighthouse ... and  Lobster Tales, too ...

- Lobster  Luncheon -

- Boat Cruise - Lighthouse Tour -

..... available  June & September weekends, daily July-August 

           Complete 1-Day Tour from only $79pp          

     How’s this for a FUN and exciting day?  Take a boat cruise, visit a Lighthouse, Learn all about lobsters, have lobster for lunch (or other selections)

- Lobster Luncheon is included -

   Tour and Visit to a Lighthouse Museum.  You will experience the thrilling, remote, and active life of Lighthouse Keepers and their families ...

 Included on Your Lighthouse and Lobster Tour

 ... Oysters, too !

  o   First Class Luxury Motorcoach with Lighthouse Videos

  o   Local Guide / Historian

  o   Lobster  luncheon  or Grilled chicken caesar salad or                        Linguine marinara ... with Corn-on-the-Cob, 

                                 Baked Potato, Apple Pie

  o   Cruise to a Lighthouse or Harbor Cruise 

  o   Lighthouse Museum            (weather permitting)

  o   Lobsterman Tales !  Answer all of your questions!                

             Take Photos - Learn and See to how they catch                                          lobsters and how the traps work. 

  o   Take a Lobster home (to eat, not as a pet)

- Optional and additional $$$ - fresh from the Lobster Pound


- Enchanting ! Remote Lighthouses - 

     On all parts of the coastal United States, the lonesome towers ... a tribute to the men and women who lived here in seclusion and privacy.  Children going to school in rowboats (dorys).  Through hurricanes and “Nor’easters” these valiant people protected our coastal shipping for more than two hundred years.  *depending on menu, weather, and itinerary

Lobster & Lighthouse Tour Reservations  1-888-837-7885

C1 - All Around Long Island Sound -

Lighthouse Cruise -



- Movie Stars & Celebrities -

*Lobster Luncheon Available*

Fairfield County  -  Home of the Rich and Famous

   Available May - October  from only $79pp

Dep 7:30am Ret 6:30pm

*Question?     ....... What do ....... 

 - Paul Newman, Martha Stewart, Michael Bolton,

Don Imus, the Pequot Indians, the English Army,

F.Scott Fitzgerald, the Minutemen,

Phil Donohue & Marlo Thomas,

... and Susie Sea Lion ... all have in common?**


   o  First Class Luxury Motorcoach 

   o  Historic Narration  - Learn about the Pequot Indians, the

              English Settlers, the coming of the steamship and 

         railroads, what George Washington said about Westport 

   o  Local Gossip  - Lots of Movie Stars & Famous People

              (200+)  have lived here from

                            Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor

   o  Luncheon - Lobsters (seasonal) or Chowderpot f$89  or                                                                      Cracker Barrel f$79*

   o  Gold Coast Driving Tour FAMOUS PEOPLEs neighborhood

   o  Cruise the Norwalk Islands Visit a Lighthouse   OR   

   o  Trolley Tour - Along the Shoreline Marshes - REAL Trolleys


  ***Give up ?  Well, their hometowns and neighborhoods are all included on our  fascinating, wonderful world of the Connecticut  “Gold Coast”  - EXPERT LOCAL GUIDES


ALL LIS Tour Reservations  1-888-837-7885

LC3-7-5 Different Cruises & Tours to the Beautiful -

  -Thimble Islands -

- Available March - October  March & April = Seal Watch Cruise


..... Choose YOUR favorites, then call .....

      Always a FUN cruise to the Thimbles.  Join Captains Mike, Justin, or Bob on a relaxing cruise.

  So much to see, and you can combine the Thimbles with many other area attractions.


... Here are some suggestions ...

- Thimble Islands - 5 FUN Tours -

*Choose 1

 C3- Thimbles   AND   CT Gold Coast -   

THA   o  First Class Luxury Motorcoach                               f $69

          o  Local Guide / Historian

           o Luncheon* - LOBSTERS at Captain’s Cove Seaport or

                               - Jimmy’s - Chowderpot - Cracker Barrel

          o  MOVIE STAR HOMES Gold Coast Driving Tour -

              - Paul Newman - Martha - Phil & Marlo - Michael Bolton

          o  Thimble Island Cruise*

          o  Trolley Car RideRustic Ramble along the shore 

                                                 - Special - Car Barn Tour

  C4- Thimbles & Trolleys & Yale University -

THB    o  First Class Luxury Motorcoach                              f $79

            o  Local Guide / Historian

            o  Luncheon - Jimmy’s  - Chowderpot - Cracker Barrel

            o  Thimble Island Cruise

            o  Trolley Car Ride Rustic Ramble along the shore  

                                                 Special - Car Barn Tour

            o  Yale University - Guided Tour

  C5- Thimbles & Train & Trolleys -

THC   o  First Class Luxury Motorcoach                              f $79

           o  Local Guide / Historian

           o Luncheon - Lenny & Joe’s-Griswold Inn-Chowderpot

           o  Train Ride* along Long Island Sound 

           o  Thimble Island Cruise

           o  Trolley Car Ride*  Shoreline          *your choice    


  C6- Thimbles  &  P.T.Barnum  &  Trolleys

THD    o  First Class Luxury Motorcoach                            f $79

            o  Local Guide / Historian

            o  Luncheon LOBSTERS at Captain’s Cove Seaport  or

                   - Hearty American menu at Jimmy’s on the Beach -                             Cracker Barrel - Chowderpot

            o  Thimble Island Cruise

            o  Trolley Car Ride*  Shoreline

            o  P. T. BARNUM Museum*

            o  Carousel Ride*  seasonal                          *choice

  C7- Thimbles AND Gillette Castle 

THE    o  First Class Luxury Motorcoach                             f $79

           o  Local Guide / Historian

           o  Luncheon Lobsters - Abbott’s or Hearty American                             Chowderpot - Lenny & Joe’s - Guilford Tavern

            o  Thimble Island Cruise

            o  Trolley Car Ride*  Shoreline

             Gillette Castle Tour* (Memorial Day-Columbus Day) 

            o  Submarine Museum* or Fort Trumbull*   *choice


- Your Restaurant Choices -

 Abbott’s Lobsters      $$$$   Rated BEST by Zagat’s Guide

 Captain’s Cove             $$$   LOBSTERS &Shops on the Harbor

 Chowderpot III              $$$   Voted Connecticut’s #1 Seafood

 Lenny & Joe’s Fish      $$$   Voted BEST in Connecticut 

 Griswold Inn                 $$$   Historic Essex Village landmark

 Guilford Stone House  $$$   Traditional local landmark - 

 Jimmy’s of Savin Rock  $$   On the Beach

  Cracker Barrel               $$   Good Hearty Americana Dining -


*Actual Price based on 40+ paid and varies with restaurant           selected, group size, distance traveled (coach cost)  f = from


- ALL Tour Reservations - 1-888-837-7885 -

LE1 - America ... as It Used to Be -

- Block  Island -

... Peaceful - Elegant - Island Tranquility ...


- Cruise - Luncheon - Block Island Tour - Motorcoach -    

  1 Day from $99pp              2 Day Tours from $329ppdo


“One of the Last Great Places on Earth”

 ... says The Nature Conservancy.  Relaxed elegance as you sit on the porch of the National Hotel enjoying the passing scene, the activity as the ferries arrive from the mainland 13 miles away.

       See YOUR America as it used to be more than a century ago as you tour the countryside enjoying the Lighthouses, the country lanes, all of the people riding bicycles ... and Mopeds

      Block Island, off the coast of North America in the Atlantic Ocean ... you and your friends are going to share a FUN day with a touch of old world elegance ... relax and enjoy ...

 ... a world of our ancestors, and it is waiting for you on glorious  Block Island!
















- Included on Your Block Island Holiday -

      o   First Class Luxury Motorcoach with Videos

      o   Local Guide

      o   Luncheon - 3 course at National Hotel or Harborside Inn

      o   Ice Cream Cone -  A Special Treat

      o   Cruise from New London or Point Judith

      o   Block Island Guided Driving Tour Lighthouse &                                                                                           Beaches  & Bluffs

- Your Block Island Tour Itinerary -


      7:00a Depart home for a full day tour.

   Departure time depends on your distance from the ferries. 

   Coach can not wait for any late travelers.

   Cruise to Block Island.  Ferry does not wait for late arrivals

   Block Island Guided - Escorted Island Tour    (after lunch)

   Luncheon at the historic, elegant,  National Hotel or                                                                             Harborside   full 3 courses

   Time for shopping in  Old Harbor ...or relaxing and enjoying              

      3:30p   Ferry Cruise departs promptly for the Mainland

      7:30p   Return Home  (time approximate)


- Overnight Tours - Bock Island PLUS Your choice ...

- Newport, Martha’s Vineyard,  Foxwoods or

- Mohegan Sun Casino, Narragansett Bay -


- ALL Block Island Tour Reservations   1-888-837-7885


LC8- All Around Long Island Sound -

- Sea Captain Tours -

... Sparkling Waters - Delicious Dinners ...

- Overlooking Long Island Sound -

Along the Beautiful Connecticut Shoreline


- Mystic - Stonington - Thimble Islands -

- Long Island Sound - Block Island -

2 to 4 Day Tours from $349pp

Hotel HUB Overnight - Foxwoods Resort or Newport Hotel


All Tours Include Luncheon and Motorcoach Transportation from your Home 

                  -  6 Different Cruises         -  Lobsters

                  -  5 Riverboats                    -  Vineyards

                  -  4 Different Trains            -  2 Casinos

                  -  Amtrak Train Tours         -  4 Lighthouses

                  -  Eagles & Seals                -  Trolley Car                    

- All Tours can be custom tailored to suit ...

... the interests and budget of your group -

      1  Day    from $69pp            2  Days from $199ppdo 

      3  Days  from $459ppdo      4  Days from $599ppdo

Prices vary  seasonally and by Attractions, Restaurants, and Hotels included

ALL Connecticut Sea Coast Reservations  1-888-837-7885

                              E2 - On the Atlantic Ocean -

  - Newport -  

... America’s First Resort ...








- Mansions & Cottages - Cruise - Delicious Food -     

 1-2-3 Day Tour   HUB for Regioal Tours     Available All Year  

1-Day from $79pp               2-Day f$299ppdo 


      “America’s First Resort”   is now Your playground !  One hundred years ago, the Great Gatsby, the Whitney’s, Vanderbilts, Astors, Doris Duke ....yes, they all lived and played here, and now you can have everything they all had ... well, almost ... certainly you will have a  wonderful time enjoying Newport’s finest dining, a cruise on the harbor, mansion tour, a drive along 10 Mile Ocean Drive,  and see how “The 400” lived.  The elegant ballrooms, the stately mansions. 

         Got some extra time?  Take a short stroll along the dramatic “Cliff Walk” with the Atlantic Ocean at your feet. 


- Included on Your Tour of  NEWPORT -


      o   First Class Luxury Motorcoach with Newport Videos   

      o   Guided Tour of Newport*

      o   Luncheon on the Water in Newport*  

      o   Hotel (2-5 day Tour)  

      o   Newport Dinner Theatre (overnight)

      o   Newport Winery (available on 2-3 Day Tour)            

      o   Breakfast 

      o   Newport Mansion “Cottage” Tour - see current list

      o   Newport Harbor Cruise or Second Mansion

      o   Banister’s & Bowen’s Wharf, Brick Marketplace Shops 


- Choose Your favorite Newport Cottages -

     - Sample TOUR  OUTLINE    Choose 1 or 2 from below

 10:00a    Mansion Tour                                                            

                o  The Breakers o  Rosecliff  o  Marble House  o Elms

  12:00p   Luncheon on the Harbor     

   2:00p    Newport Driving Tour - “10-Mile Ocean Drive”            

                o  Astor’s Beechwood*  

                o  Newport Harbor Cruise*

                o  Mansion Tour #2*    o  Train Ride* (if available)*                           

   4:00p    Newport Shops & Boutiques - Bannisters & Bowens

                o  Historic Walking Tour - The “Point”

                o  Dinner Train (overnight if avaialble)* 

   5:00p    Depart for home (dinner stop OK)                   


ALSO -  Doris Duke Mansion* & Servants Tour of the Elms*

NOTE: 2. See It ALL.   Also available 3-4 Day Tour or combined with Block Island, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard


ALL Newport Tour Reservations   1-888-837-7885


L5 - South Fork Wine Tour - Long Island -

-The Hampton’s Wine Train-

.. and the FUN and Excitement of the Hamptons & Sag Harbor 

- The Fabulous Hamptons - Delicious Luncheon -

- Mansions & Estates -

- South Hampton - East Hampton - Amagansett - Bridgehampton -

 - 1 or 2 Day Tour - Available All Year - from $ 69pp

depart home  7:00am   return 7:00pm 

- Included in your Hampton Wine Train Tour -

      o  First Class Luxury Motorcoach

      o  Train Ride - to the fabulous Hamptons*

                                        - Sample wine on Your train

      o  Luncheon - Sag Harbor or Southampton Publick House

      o  Guided Driving Tour - Southampton area = Rich & Famous

      o  Ferry Ride* - Shelter Island and/or Port Jefferson     

      o  Sag Harbor Village Shops                                     

      o  Whaling Museum                                

     o  Duck Walk Vineyard*

     o  Winery Tours & Tasting

- Macari - Wolffer - Pindar -

*ferry, cruise, and winery varies with your routing and Days

        -  An Exciting Day for You and Your Friends.....

        A Cruise, Train ride, Luncheon in the Hamptons,   lots of history, and a visit to one or more of Long Island’s delightful South Fork Wineries, Duck Walk Vineyards and/or Wolffer Estate Vineyards.              Long Island has been known for ages as a seafaring land.  A special treat today is a visit to the historic Whaling Museum in Sag Harbor. With a coastline stretching more than 300 miles, the “Island” is situated in the Atlantic Ocean.  The South Fork is home to more than 6 wineries producing some of the finest wines available in the USA.

      Luncheon today in Sag Harbor or the Southampton Publick House ... both in  historic villages, famous for hearty meals ... and you have several menu choices. 

     Today you will sample some of these wines, savor the delicate flavors, and learn of  the rich heritage that has made Long Island famous.  From the seafaring heritage of the 1800s, the vegetable farms of the 1900s and the superb wines of the 2000s, it is all right here, just waiting for you to sample.....

         Long Island ... a fertile land stretching from New York City on the west all the way to Montauk on the South Fork.  Our destination today is Sag Harbor, a lovely, historic seaport village on  Gardiner’s Bay.  Our journey begins early since we must board our  “Hampton Wine Train”.

- Sit back, relax, sip your wine, and enjoy the FUN narration -

ALL  Wine Train Tour Reservations 1-888-837-7885



L6- Long Island  Wine Train -

- North Fork Wine Tour -

   ..... A relaxed journey back in time .....

Hearty Meals - Rich, Historic Area - Excellent Wines

  - 1 or 2 Day Tour      Available All Year      from $ 69pp

depart  7:00am       return 6:00pm  


Included in your North Fork Wine Train Tour

    o  First Class Luxury Motorcoach

    o  Local Guide on Long Island - history & stories   

    o  Luncheon on the Pier at Claudio’s in Greenport

    o  Train Ride through the historic Long Island Countryside

                             ..... with a sample of wine on the train  

    o  Greenport Victorian Maritime Village

    o  Winery Tour and Guided driving tour of the North Fork                                                      - Macari - Palmer - 

    o  Lighthouse Tour - Memorial Day-Columbus Day

    o  Ferry Cruise*     - varies with train schedule


... A Wonderful Day planned  ... A Cruise - Train Tour

   Luncheon overlooking the lovely harbor.  Ask about the “rum runners” during prohibition”, lots of history, and a visit to one or two of Long Island’s famous North Fork Wineries.  Long Island has been known for more than 350 years as a seafaring land. With a coastline stretching more than 300 miles, the rich soil of the farmlands have given way on the North Fork to more than 20 wineries producing some of the finest wines available in the USA.

      Luncheon today is at Claudio’s, a family-owned tradition in the historic village of  Greenport, famous for its seafood .... .but you have several menu choices. 

      Oldest family run restaurant in the USA.  Be sure to Ask about the Rum Runners during  Prohibition & the Secret door!

      You will sample some of these wines, savor the delicate flavors, and learn of  the rich heritage that has made Long Island famous.  From the farms of the 1700s to the seafaring heritage of the 1800s, the vegetable farms of the 1900s and the superb wines of the 2000s, it is all right here, just waiting for you

      Long Island ..... our destination today is Greenport, a lovely, historic seaport village nestled on the North Fork on Peconic Bay.  Our journey begins early since we must board our  “Wine Train”.   We will travel through the rich farmlands and near the shore of Great Peconic Bay as we meander eastward.    Sit back, relax, sip your wine, and enjoy the historic narration.


ALL  Wine Train Tour Reservations  1-888-837-7885


L7 - Long Island - East End -Tour -

- The Hamptons - Art Tour -

Explore the Krasner-Pollock House and Long House

   depart home  8:00am   return 6:00pm 

       An exciting day for you and your friends...Learn about the life of Jackson Pollock and his partner, Lee Krasner by stepping inside the house these artists shared...followed by a light lunch in the spectacular gardens of the Long House Reserve, where aesthetic mastermind Jack Larsen built his unique house filled with traditional art. The gardens are divided into sections, each one designed by artists such as Ron Rudnicki and Yoko Ono.

Included in Your Hamptons Art Tour

o  Tour of the Lee Krasner/Jackson Pollock House

       o  Lunch at the lovely LongHouse Reserve

       o  Tour the LongHouse Reserve - house and gardens

       o  Stop in East Hampton Village  (time permitting)

      An Amazing Day for Art Enthusiasts.  Anyone with an appreciation for art and aesthetics will have an amazing day as you explore some of the most original artistic minds of the century in the peaceful and beautiful Hamptons -

- An experience not to be missed -


ALL  Long Island Tour Reservations  1-888-837-7885

     Welcome to Long Island. Yes, Long Island really is LONG.  118 miles from Montauk Point Lighthouse on the East end to Shore Parkway in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, there are almost 8 Million people living on this gigantic Sand Bar, created about 20,000 years ago when the last great Glacier began melting and as it retreated North, it left mostly earth and ground rocks and sand and formed much of what we now know as Long Island.

     But, Wait, we will let your Tour Guide tell you the stoies on many of our wonderful tours of Long Island including those on the East End - Orient Point - Montauk - the Hamptons PLUS Brooklyn and Queens on the Western End.  What ?  Didn't you know that most of New York City's people live on Long Island in the counties of Queens and Kings County, better known as Brooklyn. 

     History dating back to the Native Americans and then the Dutch, English, and after the American Revolution, totally American.    




      LE3 - Rhode Island's Inland-Sea Playground -   

- Narragansett Bay -

Rhode Island - The Ocean State


Available   April - October           

* prices vary slightly with distance traveled & motorcoach costs.

RIbNar   2298

- 2 - Delightful - Happy - FUN Tours -

      Put on your boating togs !  You will sail the waters where the Vanderbilts, Whitney’s, Astors, and many of the super rich of the late 1800s raced their yachts.  Near the same waters where the America’s Cup Yacht Race was held for more than 100 years !        Relax and take in the fresh salt air from the deck of your boat ... either a high-speed catamaran or a riverboat replica !


RI-NBJ               Jewel of the Bay Tour           from $ 89pp

      o  First Class Luxury Motorcoach

      o  Tour Guide / Historian

      o  Luncheon at the Quidnessett Country Club

                   ......spectacular waterfront views - fine dining......

      o  Jamestown Island Guided Tour

      o  Cruise on the “Millennium” High-Speed catamaran

      o  See Newport from the Water - Lighthouses


RI-NBS            Southland Riverboat Tour       from $ 89pp

      o  First Class Luxury Motorcoach

      o  Tour Guide / Historian

      o  Luncheon at Amalfi’ - a Mediterranean Restaurant                        overlooking Narragansett Bay and Beach

      o  Cruise on the “Southland Riverboat” see Lighthouses &                   fishing villages with charming, biblical names..                                       Galilee and Jerusalem

      o  Gilbert Stewart - home & guided tour 

            Historic 1750s workingman’s house and snuff mill.

            Stewart painted famous portraits of George Washington


- ALL Coast Tours Reservations:  1-888-837-7885

Long Island, New York

A Brief History and Background


- Long Island - Tour Index -

Please Take Your Time on This Page.  MUCH INFO Included

NOTE - You can Mix & Choose from ALL below to make Your Perfect Tour  Also combines with NY City






















                Long Island  - 8 Tours - ALL May be Combned


        L1 The Great Gatsby Tour - L.I. Gold Coast

        L2  Gold Coast Mansions - Milleridge Inn Luncheon

        L3  Teddy Roosevelt - The Tour - Summer White House

        L4  The Fabulous Hamptons and Montauk Point Lighthouse

        L5  Hamptons Wine Train Tour & Tastings - 2 Wineries

        L6  Hamptons Art Tour - Luncheon - Parrish Art - 

        L7  North Fork Wine Train Tour & Tastings 2-4 Wineries

        L8  East End of Long Island - Combines Tours 4-5-6 above

                   - 2-3-4 Days - Hotel Overnight  - 2 Meals Daily b+l/d


 LC All Around Long Island Sound  -  11 Tours

Your Motorcoach Onboard the Ferries


The Great Circle Tour - 3-5 Days  - 2 Meals Daily


- Combines Tours L1,2,3,7 - Above with ...       


       LC1    Gold Coast Tour - Connecticut - Lighthouse Cruise

       LC2     Lobster Tales - Lobsterman and Oysters, Too.

       LC3-7 The Thimble Islands - Cruise  - 5 Separate Tours

       LC8     Mystic Seaport, Aqurium & Stonington LighthouseMusm

       LC9     Sea Captain Tour - Homes & Mystic Seaport

       LC10   7 Lighthouse Cruise - Submarine Museum US Navy

       LC11   Connecticut River Museum & Cruise - Grisworld Inn


 - Nearby Sea-Themed Tours             -  3 Tours

SEE - NewEnglandScenicTours.com


- Newport  -  Narragansett Bay  -  Block Island

            E1   Block Island - Cruise - Tour - Luncheon

           E2   Newport, Rhode Island - Mansions - Cruise - Luncheon

            E3   Narragansett Bay - 2 Separate Cruises - Luncheon




L8 - The Fabulous East End 

The Hamptons and the North Fork 

-The Great Long Island 2-3-Day Getaway

Available from March until November

- Delicious Meals - Local Restaurants - Up to 3 Wineries -

"It Just Doesn't Get Any Better in 2-Days - Except 3-Days"

    - See it ALL. The fabulous East End of Long Island - 

     Enjoy the fine wineries, the fun and adventure as you explore the vineyards of the Hamptons. You and your friends will have the opportunity to sample wines from many regions as you travel and explore .... and take notes. Trains, Cruises, Wineries, Fine Dining !

      When you are finished, we will ask you to rate the wines. Let us know what you like. Experience the added attractions on this VERY Special Getaway that makes this Tour unique 1 + 1 = 3 - Hampton's Tour AND the North Fork Tour  ... 

  Definitely worth whisking Your Group away to relax and enjoy the luxury location Where Celebrities Spend Their Summers !

Included - Long Island 2-3 Day Getaway Wine Train Tour -

  • First Class Luxury Motorcoach
  • Fully Escorted with Historic Narration
  • Train Ride through the Bucolic Wine Country 
  • Hotel Overnight
  • 2 Meals each Day - Breakfast, Luncheon or Dinner
  • Luncheon on the Pier or a Classic Sag Harbor Restaurant
  • Sag Harbor Shops - Parrish Art Museum* - Southampton
  • Local Attractions   - Whaling Museum - Victorian Museum                                                                                - LIRR Mus*
  • Montauk Lighthouse
  • Driving Tour Through the Celebrity Neighborhoods of the                                                                   ...  fabulous Hamptons
  • Macari Vineyard 
  • Duck Walk Vineyard 2 or 3 Tours and Tastings   *choice of 2
  • Palmer Vineyard

 VERY Special Tour - You can see ALL of the Hamptons AND the North Fork  on a  Delightful 3-Day Tour - EVERYTHING  listed is included   f$499ppdo

ALL Long Island Tour Reservations  1-888-837-7885


L1 - The North Shore - Long Island's Original  Gold Coast -

 The Great Gatsby

and the

Oyster Bay Estates













- What do Teddy Roosevelt, the Vanderbilts, Gugenheims,

and The Great Gatsby have in common? 

 Available All Year          from $69 pp

      They all  shared the “good life” on Long Island’s fabulour Gold Coast.  You will recognize most of Gatsby's neighbors.  Just a short train or carriage ride from New York City, Long Island's Gold Coast gradually replaced the Hudson River mansions as “the” place to live if you were a member of the “400”..... and it still is! 

      You can visit Teddy's or any of the beautiful mansions and gardens below .....    

     - Included in Your  Great Gatsby  Tour -

   o   First Class Motorcoach with Videos   

   o   Local Guide                                   

   o   Luncheon at the Milleridge Inn dating from 1672      

           A.  Eagle’s Nest & the Vanderbilts    

           B.  Sagamore Hill & Teddy Roosevelt

           C.   Cruise on the Harbor or Long Island Sound

           D.   Old Westbury Gardens

           E.   Falaise at Sands Point

           F.   Coe Hall at Planting Fields Abroetum

 NOTE2 attractions included: 1-2 Estates or 1 Estate & Cruise

      This is Teddy Roosevelt country, the famed Gold Coast of the North Shore of Long Island.  Visit Sagamore Hill, the Summer White House from 1901 to 1909.  Learn about the President’s life and career.  Built by Teddy in 1885, this 23 room Victorian mansion is a living example of the opulence of the era. 

      Or you may choose to visit Eagle’s Nest, the home of William Vanderbilt II, the 43 acre estate contains an outstanding collection of fine and decorative arts.

          Old Westbury Gardens - as in John Phipps of U.S, Steel is simply magnificent.

      Seasonally, we will enjoy a relaxing a Cruise on Long Island Sound, in the area of Glen Cove or Port Jefferson.  Thousands of pleasure boats sail these waters today, sharing the water with Oyster Boats that are collecting those delicious shellfish!   Your cruise is seasonal. 

Luncheon is at the lovely, historic, Milleridge Inn from 1673

   NOTE:  Restaurants and estates may be chosen to suit the budget and palate of your group in the Glen Cove / Oyster Bay area.  Economy buffet dining available nearby.  CRUISE  from Port Jefferson is a 45 minute drive each way.

ALL Long Island Tour Reservations  1-888-837-7885


L2  - Long Island Gold Coast -

- The Gold Coast Mansions -

            You may select any of the lovely mansions and gardens below for a simply superb tour of the Gold Coast as Gatsby might    have known it.  Luncheon Included.       

“Eagle’s Nest”

Home of William K. Vanderbilt II

     See the indulgences of the Gatsby era.  The mansion features a superb collection of fine and decorative arts, and natural history collections plus a complete airplane hangar reserved for the family seaplanes! (not open).  What mansion wouldn’t be complete without a planetarium?  Marine Museum & Planetarium Sky show (op)                 - Available All Year -

“Coe Hall”

- Planting Fields Arboretum -

      The home of insurance magnate William Coe, Coe Hall is the imposing Tudor manor on the 400 acre estate.  The contents are a treasure trove of period furnishings.  The designers of Central Park in New York City created a landscape capturing the romantic feeling of the 19th Century English Gardens.  The stained glass windows came from Hever Castle, where King Henry VIII’s second wife, Anne Boleyn once lived.                                             - April-December -

Old Westbury Gardens

- Phipps Estate -

      John Phipps built this magnificent estate for his English bride Margarita Grace in 1906 on 150 acres.  The former Phipps Estate rivals the grandest manors in  Europe with its splendid formal gardens, tree lines avenues, and beautiful statuary.  The stately Georgian mansion, often the glamorous setting for movies, reflects 18th and 19th Century grandeur in architecture and furnishings - from priceless Gainsboroughs to exquisite porcelains.                                - April - December -


- Sands Point Preserve - Medieval Theme -

      Norman style mansion of Captain Harry F. Guggenheim, high on a bluff overlooking Long Island Sound ..... enter a world of Medieval Splendor

- Here, Charles Lindbergh wrote his book “We”.

ALL Long Island Tour Reservations  1-888-837-7885


L3  - Long Island North Shore - 

- Teddy Roosevelt -At Home -

- See New York City in the 1890s -

..... at home ..... 26th President of the United States .....

 Available ALL Year   f$69pp

      CHARGE !  Remember Teddy’s famous cavalry charge up San Juan Hill in the Spanish-American War in 1898?  Teddy Roosevelt was many things .....

- Police Commissioner - Governor - Cabinet Member -

- President of the United States -

... ALSO - Our First Environmentalist  ...

      Share Teddy’s adventures as we visit the homes that the President loved the most.  The townhouse in Manhattan where he was born on October 27, 1858 and lived in until age 14, then tour his magnificent estate, Sagamore Hill, on Long Island, where he lived most of his adult life, and where he died on January 6, 1919.  This was the first “Summer White House”.

      Teddy Roosevelt, a portrait of the President who transformed America from a fledgling nation into a world power.  President Roosevelt is considered our first “modern” president in that he expanded American influence greatly, especially in the area of foreign affairs.

      Teddy loved his work, and was quoted as saying - 

“No President ever enjoyed himself as much as I”

Included on Your Teddy Roosevelt ... at home ... The Tour

      o  First Class Luxury Motorcoach

      o  Local Guide

      o  Luncheon choice: 

           1.  On Long Island at the historic Milleridge Inn & Shops

           2.  In Manhattan, Several  East Side Restaurant choices 

      o  TR’s Birthplace - Manhattan Victorian Brownstone

        - Early 20th Century reconstruction of Teddy’s birthplace,                       where he was born and lived for the first 14 years                       of his life.

      o  Sagamore Hill - The very first “Summer White House”                       ... built for his family in 1887, and where he died in                       1919. Tour the 23-room house and visit the museum. 

      o  Carriage Ride in Central Park*                                              

              - Enjoy a ride through the byways of America’s first                       major park, just as Teddy and friends did on many                                  occasions.                                        *optional

ALL Teddy Roosevelt Tour Reservations   1-888-837-7885


- All Around Long Island Sound Tours -
















LCA5- The Great Circle Tour  -

“All Around ”Long Island Sound"

by Boat, Train, Ferry, Motorcoach

Lobsters - Cruises - Trains - History - Winery - FUN

LI Sound - North = Connecticut + South = Long Island

available May - November

Combines Several - 1 day Tours    5+ days  from only $899

Orient Point - Greenport - Port Jefferson - Long Island

 Thimble Islands - Old Saybrook - New London - Connct.

- Included in Your Great Circle Tour -

      o   First Class Luxury Motorcoach from your home

      o   Local Guide

      o   Luncheon & *Dinner - overlooking the water

      o   2 x 1 + hour ferry cruises on Long Island Sound

      o   Lighthouse Tour

      o   Greenport Maritime Village - shops & boutiques

      o   Harkenss Mansion**

      o   USS Nautilus & Submarine Museum**

      o   US Coast Guard Academy Tour**

      o   Fort Trumbull**   

      o   Palmer or Macari Vineyards & Stonington Vineyards CT  

      o   Stonington Village & Lighthouse Museum*

      o   Train along the Connecticut Shoreline*

      o   Thimble Island Cruise*  

*overnight tours see everything    **choice of 1

      o   Overnight PLUS           *Hotel, dinner, breakfast

           Restaurant Choices - ALL Right on the Water

Abbott’s Lobsters  -  Claudio’s -

ALL Long Island Sound Tours  1-888-837-7885

LC8- All Around Long Island Sound -

- Mystic Seaport -

- Mystic Aquarium -

- Mystic River Cruise -

Luncheon at - Latitude 41 - Go Fish - Steak Loft


depart home 7:30am  return 7:00pm

       Travel back in time to the 1850s and share the experiences of daily life at Mystic Seaport.   Relazx on the Mystic River as  you cruise from the Seaport on the last operating steamboat, the Sabino.  Help the craftsmen raise a sail, venture into the captain’s cabin on a restored sailing ship.  The specialty gift shop has an exceptional collection of seafaring items and books, plus a marine art gallery.  Exceptional!    

      Luncheon is included.  Hearty New England fare at the Latitude 41  or Chandlery restaurant at the Seaport. 


- Included on Your Mystic Tour -

Choose any 2 Attractions below PLUS Luncheon


   o   First Class Luxury Motorcoach Lighthouse Videos

   o   Local Guide/Historian

   o   Luncheon at - Latitude 41-Chandlery-Go Fish-Steak Loft

   o   Mystic Seaport*  1850s Coastal Whaling Village   3 hours

   o   Cruise on the Steamboat Sabino in Mytic Harbor  included

   o   Mystic Aquarium*   3 hours

   o   Drive through Historic Mystic Village

   o   Stonington Village Driving Tour - Old Lighthouse


- ALL Mystic Area Reservations:   888-837-7885 -





LC- All Around Long Island Sound -

- Classic Connecticut Coast -

- ALL 3   1-Day   Tours Below Include - 

- Motorcoach - Luncheon - Local Guide -


LC9   Sea Captain Tour - Mystic Seaport - Stonington

LC10  7 Lighthouse Cruise -  Submarine Museum

LC11  Connecticut River Museum & River Cruise


NewYorkScenicTours . com



Very Special NOTE 16 Long Island Sound Tours - under Long Island


... include All Water-Themed  Cruises & Tours  from Connccticut to Newport RI





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