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One World Trade at Sunrise experience a digital history of the NYC skyline as you ride the Freedom Tower elevator up to the top
Teddy Roosevelt House & Museum, NYC
Teddy Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt Jr. was an American statesman, politician, conservationist, naturalist, and writer who served as the 26th president of the United States from 1901 to 1909. He served as the 25th vice president from March to September 1901 and as the 33rd governor of New York from 1899 to 1900
The Seinfeld Experience NYC has been the setting for some of America's greatest television, movies, and entertainment. Visit NYC to see the ALL NEW SEINFELD EXPERIENCE! Visit Monk's Diner and Jerry's Apartment!

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- 41 BIG - Big Apple Tours - Manhattan -


The BIG - BIG Apple Tour

        - Welcome to “The BIG  BIG Apple” Tour.  Your Most Complete choices of 41 FUN Tours that offer you ALL of the Essentials - AND  LOTS of Extras.  More than ANY other tour company.  Go Ahead - COMPARE.














Lowest Prices - BEST Value - Guaranteed.

        Your Most Complete - One FULL Day Manhattan Guided  Tour - and MORE - Manhattan - as you've never seen it in only 7 to 8 Hours.  Above Ground and Below Ground, New York is REALLY ...

"The City that Never Sleeps" 

Available ALL year   from only $69 price varies with restaurant

           - What a FUN day we have planned !  So you think that you've seen New York City.  GUARANTEED ! .....on this tour you are going to share some NEW sights and experiences, have some fun, and learn something, too!    Your Guide will answer questions ...

.... that you never thought of asking.  


- Included on Your “Big, Big Apple” Tour -


      o   First Class Luxury Motorcoach

      o   Escorted & Narrated Manhattan Tour - 7 hours

      o   Luncheon - included - Greenwich Village - Little Italy - Midtown

      o   Cruise - Staten Island Ferry  - Narrated Harbor Tour Included

      o   Cruise NY Harbor - Narrated    - 1 hour op $18 *your choice

      o   9/11 Memorial  included    - Museum $$$ op

      o   Carriage Ride - Central Park - Horse Drawn - op $18pp

      o   South Street Seaport                       - Relax & Enjoy !


- Your New York City Guided Driving Tour includes -

- Views & Stops -

    - 42nd Street*                 - Broadway           - Theatre District*

    - Lincoln Center*           - Central Park        - Greenwich Village

    - Grand Central Termnl - Times Square*    - Chinatown*

    - Fifth Avenue                -  Little Italy           - SOHO                         

    - The Bowery                  - Wall Street          - Tribeca              

    - Rockefeller Center*     - Radio City           - Battery Park*

    - NBC Studio Store        - The Bronx^         - Harlem^

    - South Street Seaport* - United Nations*  - Madison Square Gardn

    - Empire State Building - Top of the Rock  - Bryant Park


   - 2-3 stops to stretch your legs  GCT - Rockefeller Ctr -

- Times Square - Chinatown - Battery - 9/11 Memorial -

Freedom Tower   PLUS    1 Lunch Stop  OYO -       

*op $$$ addl      ^varies with routing & Separate Tours

ALL - New York City Tour Reservations  1-888-837-7885


- 41 BIG - Big Apple Tours - Manhattan -

Broadway Shows - Tour Listings

 from only $99pp

- Your BEST Value in Broadway Theatre !

NOTE  Broadway Shows begin re-opening Sept 14, 2021

NYCbBrC    11147                            *Shows are always opening and closing. 

- Your Broadway Special Tour* includes :


    o  First Class Luxury Motorcoach

    o  Luncheon - in Midtown - Broadway - Times Square Area

    o  Driving TOUR of Broadway and Mid-Town

    o  Broadway Theatre Tickets* are not included in $$$ but CAN be.

                  - ALWAYS Orchestra or First Mezzanine

- Prices Updated Monthly -

    A. SPECIAL Broadway prices are available, and change, ALL Year 

    B.  Listed Below are SOME SAMPLE shows and the base pricing. 

    C.  Please ask for date and confirmed price from your home area.  

    D.  Add $2.00 per ticket - Donation to Broadway Theatre Restoratn

    E.  OB = Off Broadway = Smaller, More Intimate Theatres

 Curent Broadway - for September 14, 2021 as of May 29, 2021

      -  Moulin Rouge            -  To Kill a Mockingbird     -  1776

      -  Ain't Too Proud         -  West Side Story              -   Diana

      -  The Muusic Man        -  Flying Over Sunset        -  SIX

      -  American Buffale      -  Phantom of the Opera    - Chicago

      -  Birthday Candles      - Jagged Little Pill              -  Wicked

      -  American Utopia       -  How I  Learned to Drive -  Aladdin

      -  Come From Away      -  Mrs Doubtfire                 Company

      -  Lion King                   - The Lehman Trilogy        -  Hamilton

      -  Hadestown                 -  Plaza Suite                     -  The Minutes

      -  Book of Mormon        -  Sing Street                     -  Take Me Out 

      - Dear Evan Hansen       - MJ the Musical = Michael Jackson-

      -  Harry Potter - Cursed Child      -  TINA - The Tina Turner Musical

      -  Christmas Spectacular & Radio City Music Hall / Rockettes

     NOTE:  Actual price varies with show selected, date, day of week,                      matinee or evening, distance traveled, restaurant selected,                     ... and any options.Broadway Theatre Tour Reservations  1-888-837-7885

- 41 BIG - Big Apple Tours - Manhattan -


Madame Tussaud’s

- Wax Museum -


...Come On ! Join the Party !

- PLUS - Exclusive Broadway Tour -


Available ALL Year           $85pp   depart 8:30a        retun 6:00p


PS. Everyone who is Anyone is waiting for YOU  ... at  Madame Tussaud’s !

     They are all HERE just waiting for YOU !  Just about everyone from Al Roker to Joe & Mickey.  Mayor Guiliani to Whoopi Goldberg.  “The Donald” and “The Babe”, Elvis and Ivana, Barbra, Frank Sinatra, the Pope, Madonna,  and. ... well ... almost ...

- 200+ Real-Life Wax Replicas -

     You Just Gotta See All of Them !  Bring Your Camera!

     Just about everyone who is everyone.  Plus, see all about the folks who are the movers and shakers.

     Yes, some of the roguish folks from the original Madame Tussaud’s in London are here, along with stars of Sports, Theatre, Entertainment, Politics, History !


- Included on Your Madame Tussaud’s Tour 

  o   First Class Luxury Motorcoach   

  o   Luncheon    - Dallas Restaurant on 42nd Street

  o   Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum (across the street)

  o   Guided Driving Tour  - Midtown & Broadway

      ALL along 42nd Street from the UN to the Hudson River

Broadway from Lincoln Center to 49th Street

Fifth Avenue from 72nd Street to 34th Street

34th Street from 5th to the NEW Hudson Yards

   Time to Walk part of "The High Line"

ALL New York City Tour Reservations   1-888-837-7885

EZ REZervations


- 41 BIG - Big Apple Tours - Manhattan -


Freedom Tower

- World Trade Center Area -

Freedom Tower & World Trade Center Site View   

 - Luncheon - NY Harbor Cruise - Tour -

NYCbMFr10257                                                                                from ONLY $49 pp   


- NOTE - This is a very personal tour -

      In honor of America and those who lost their lives at the World Trade Center on September 11, and also for those who were left behind, we offer this special tour of lower Manhattan to allow you to pay your respects and to view site of the original World Trade Center from one of the viewing areas and from the water.

- PLUS See the Freedom Tower, all 1776 hundred feet -

       You will have a view from a ship in New York Harbor so you can see personally, the change in

      The New York skyline.  This view will change as more buildings are rebuilt.

- Please Note - 

This tour is offered in ALL price ranges so everyone can afford it.


- All Tours Include -

   o  First Class Luxury Motorcoach

   o  Freedom Tower - site viewing and tour

   o  WTC Memorial & St. Paul’s Chapel 

   o  Guided Driving Tour of Lower Manhattan

   o  South Street Seaport & Battery Park

   o  SKYLINE - NY Harbor CRUISE - NY Waterway             or

                                                   the Staten Island  Ferry      or

        A.  Luncheon Cruise   Spirit of New York                   $ 99pp

        B.  Luncheon in lower Manhattan       

             or - Restaurant - Dallas &  Staten Island Ferry     $ 49pp

                             - Dallas &  New York Waterway Tour     $ 69pp

                             - South Street Seaport Restaurant or Little                                                                                             Italy $ 69pp

Price varies with distance traveled from your home & restaurant & attractions selected

ALL New York City Tour Reservations   1-888-837-7885

EZ REZervations



- 41 BIG - Big Apple Tours - Manhattan -


- Little Olde New York Tour -


- Gracie  Mansion -


..... Central Park - Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride .....   

Experience the life and the charm of the late 1700s


                                  Available from $69                                    

- Let’s go back in time!   Back about 200 years - 

      Let us show you what life was like back in the late 1700s.  The grace and charm of a simpler New York City.  Long before subways and buses, back when horses and carriages, sailing ships and wagons ruled the streets and waterways around Manhattan.  A happy time, too!  Tales of George Washington and the American Revolution, ghosts and more history that you can imagine. 


Your  “Little Olde New York”  Tour Includes


      o   First Class Luxury Motorcoach with NY City Videos  

      o   Luncheon* in Mid-Town Manhattan

      o   Local Tour Guide

      o   Gracie Mansion*  - Wed. - other weekdays add $9pp

      o   Moris-Jumel Mansion* where 5 US Presidents Dined

      o   Carriage Ride in Central Park* 4 travelers per carriage

.....just you, 3 friends, the driver, and one horse -

- Simply Charming !


          Your private tour visits one or two of the premier historic residences in New York City, Gracie Mansion built in 1799, home to the Mayor or New York City and family, plus the wonderful Morris-Jumel Mansion, the oldest home on Manhattan, and George Washington’s headquarters during the Revolutionary War battle of Washington Heights.

      Luncheon will be at your choice of  one of several of Manhattan’s very popular local restaurants The Dallas, serving local New Yorkers for more than 20 years.  For the “Old World” flavor featuring Italian menus:  Carmine’s, Tony’s diNapoli, or the Olive Garden in Times Square,

or FUN at Ellen’s Stardust Diner on Broadway at 51st.

       *Luncheon Choices -  Tony’s diNapoli, Carmine’s $99 - Olive Garden & Ellen’s $79 - Dallas  $69

.....also, prices vary seasonally and with distance traveled.  Wednesdays are least expensive.


ALL New York City Tour Reservations   1-888-837-7885

     EZ REZervations


- 41 BIG - Big Apple Tours - Manhattan -

- Action - Adventure - Romance -

       .....enjoy a Train Ride & Tour to .....


Grand  Central  Terminal


  - Luncheon - NYC Transit Museum - Manhattan Tour -

                               Available  All  Year             from $79 pp

   .........and you are going to be part of it all on this exciting, FUN, and very informative tour to the heart of New York City; the transportation systems that make it all work.  Our focus is on the grandest railroad station in the world, Grand Central Terminal, and you are going to see it all on this wonderful guided tour.  Start with a train ride narrated tour on Metro-North Railroad.

      A delicious luncheon follows, then we go underground, to a “retired” subway station and the historic  New York Transit Museum.  Vintage subway trains dating back to 1904, wicker seats, overhead fans.....for sure you remember them? ...or a Double-Decker Big Apple Bus Tour !

        Your “Time Machine” awaits as you take this nostalgic journey into the heart of “The Big Apple”.


- Included on Your Grand Central Terminal Tour -


   o   First Class Luxury Motorcoach - w/Trolley-Railroad Videos

   o   Local Guide / Historian

   o   Luncheon - local popular restaurant choices

   o   Train Ride to ..... Grand Central Terminal

   o   Grand Central Terminal Guided Tour

   o   New York Transit Museum Tour*

   o   Double-Decker Big Apple Bus Tour - Manhattan Midtown*

   o   Subway Ride* (very safe)                                  *choices       


- Luncheon Included at your choice of restaurants -

       - Dallas BBQ - Hearty Chicken with Baked Potato, Coleslaw, Cornbread & all the trimmin’s    

      - Terminal Restaurant  - Popular International Restaurants in Grand Central Terminal

      - Olive Garden         - In the Center of it ALL at Times Square.  Menu Choices

Your Grand Central Itinerary Outline

       9:30a     Train Ride Tour to Grand Central Terminal    

     10:30a     Grand Central Terminal - Guided Tour    Beautiful!

     12 Noon  Luncheon   

      1:30p    Subway or Lower Manhattan Driving Tour

      2:00p   Transit Museum or Midtown Tour

      5:30p    Return home (time approximate)

Grand Central Terminal Tour Reservations   1-888-837-7885



- 41 BIG - Big Apple Tours - Manhattan -


United  Nations

- Luncheon in the Delegate Dining Room -

..... Delicious Hearty, Buffet Food Selections

from Around the World .....

                             Available All Year          from 99pp

      What a FUN day we have planned !    Learn how this great international forum works.  On this tour you are going to share some new sights and new experiences, have some fun, and learn something, too!   Your tour starts right on your coach and continues all the way to The United Nations and beyond.  You will enjoy a fascinating tour of the United Nations building and then dine in the Delegate’s Dining room where you will experience a one-of-a-kind international buffet.    - But that’s not all.   A full day in the “Big Apple” awaits ... Are your ready?


Included on Your UN Luncheon Tour


      o   First Class Luxury Motorcoach

      o   International Luncheon  -UN Delegate Dining Room

          - Delicious Hearty, Buffet Food selections from Around                                                                                             the World

      o   Guided Tour of the United Nations

      o   Manhattan - Downtown or Mid-Town Driving Tour

      o   Horse Drawn Carriage Ride* in Central Park (op)

      o   South Street Seaport*

      o   Staten Island Ferry Cruise   - 1:30 Total RT Cruise Time                                

       Your Tour Itinerary Outline

       Depart home to arrive in Manhattan by 9:30am

        9:30a Arrive United Nations - UN Security Screening

      10:00a  Guided Tour of the United Nations

      11:00a  Gift Shop & Bookstore

      12:00n  Luncheon Buffet at Delegate Dining Room

Afternoon Choice of 2 Tours in Advance

       2:30p Manhattan Downtown Driving Tour  or

       2:30p Mid-Town Driving Tour

       3:00p  Staten Island Ferry Narrated Cruise               

       3:30p  Horse Drawn Carriage Ride*    add $18pp 4 per carriage 

       4:00p  South Street Seaport (FREE and optional)         

       5:00p  Depart for Home


    United Nations Luncheon & Tour Reservations 




- 41 BIG - Big Apple Tours - Manhattan -


“Top of the Rock”


- NBC - Studio Tour - 


Radio City Tour


- See Manhattan from the Top of Rockefeller Center !

                          Available All Year                  from $69pp

- Always something NEW and EXCITING in the “Big Apple” !

      Behind the Scenes at NBC.  See TV Sets such as Today Show and Saturday Night Live or 6 O’Clock News.  Learn about television broadcast innovations, and the technology.             Take the elevator to the very TOP of Rockefeller Center.

PLUS  Luncheon and  Your choice of MORE Manhattan adventures.


- Included on Your NBC Studio Tour -


   o   First Class Luxury Motorcoach

   o   Luncheon in Midtown Manhattan

   o   “Top of the Rock”      

             - see Midtown from the Top of the Rockefeller Center Building

   o   NBC TV - Studio Guided Tour

   o   Guided Midtown Driving Tour - with 2 stops

   o   PLUS - Your Choice of 1 of the following:

            o  Rockefeller Center Tour

            o  Lincoln Center Tour       o  Broadway Backstage Tour

            o  Carnegie Hall Tour         o  LLadro Galleries

            o  Cathedral Tour                o  Madame Tussaud’s Wax !

            o  Carriage Ride  in Central Park - horse drawn


      1.   Luncheon: Olive Garden, Dallas Restaurant, Tony’s                                   DiNapoli,   Tavern on the Green,   Carmine’s

      2.   Price vares with your distance traveled, restaurant                                     selected, and additional attractions.


- NBC Studio & “Top of the Rock”  Tour   1-888-837-7885



- 41 BIG - Big Apple Tours - Manhattan -

- New York - Neighborhood Tour -


- Harlem - The Tour -

..... An Insider’s Tour .....

 1/2 Day or Full Day        Available All Year                from $59pp

                              Depart 8:00am  Return 6:30pm                                                                     

      Exciting, vibrant, historic, alive!    Come and share the rich cultural heritage right here in the USA’s African-American Capital......Harlem with all of its historic sights, delicious soul food, inspiring gospel music, and more art and poetry than you can possibly absorb in several days, and we are going to give you a taste of Harlem on one wonderful day, just full of happy surprises!

      More than 400 houses of worship, hundreds of restaurants and more shops than can be counted.  Sample the soul food and see so many of the places that put Harlem on the map in the 1920s.  So much to see and do!  Let’s get started!


Included in Your Harlem Tour


  o  First Class Luxury Motorcoach with Videos

  o  Tour Guide to Inform, Enlighten, and Entertain You

  o  Driving Tour of Harlem includes Abyssinian Baptist Church

               (exterior only - Church open Sundays only)

  o  Luncheon* at Sylvia’s  or  Amy Ruth’s  or   Dallas BBQ

     or House of Prayer authentic Harlem Community Luncheon 

  o  Apollo Theatre Tour

  o  Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture ...

                                                                            *full day only

      Unlike the cultural, literary, and musical renaissance of the 1920s, Harlem’s new renaissance is economic with new restaurants, shops and boutiques springing  up all over, and the classic brownstone homes are being rebuilt along lovely tree-lined streets.      No, you can’t possibly see everything in one day on one tour.  Creating an authentic Harlem experience is our goal, so your tour guide will take you all the way from Duke Ellington Square to 125th Street and just about everywhere in-between!


Price varies Seasonally, with Restaurant selected and Your travel distance

*Sylvia’s or Amy Ruth’s from $79  -  Dallas BBQ f$59  -  House of Prayer f$59


Harlem and ALL Manhattan Tour Reservations  1-888-837-7885


- 41 BIG - Big Apple Tours - Manhattan -


 - 34th Street Miracle -

-The Tour-

- Madison Square Garden - Empire State Building -

- Macy’s -

... The Tour ...


                               Available All Year                 f$ 89pp

      See it ALL !  The biggest and BEST  “miracle”  is a guided tour of 2 of the Big Apple’s most famous landmarks.....The Empire State Building and the New York Skyride,  PLUS behind the scenes at Madison Square Garden!

- A real FUN experience, too !


Included on Your 34th Street Miracle - The Tour

      o  First Class Luxury Motorcoach

      o  Luncheon in Manhattan     - choice of 5 restaurants

      o  Madison Square Garden Tour

      o  Empire State Building Observatory

      o  New  York Skyride

      o  Guided Tour of Midtown Manhattan

      o  Macy’s Department Store   - you may visit, if you choose!


      You want New  York attitude with a capital “A” ?  For sure you get it all with the New York Skyride.  Movie, sights, an awesome virtual tour of New York that sends you around, above, and below.  Included is “I am NY” a moving tribute to the World Trade Center, all seen on a big screen from your theatre seat!

      Madison Square Garden tour includes locker rooms of the Knicks and Rangers, plus backstage at the Theatre at MSG.  Roam the tunnels and corridors that almost every entertainer and sports hero walked such as Muhammad Ali, Frank Sinatra, Wayne Gretzky.   Get a “birds eye view” from one of the luxury exclusive “skyboxes” high above the arena.   See how they change from a basketball court to an ice rink!      .....And view New York from the observation deck of the World’s most famous skyscraper, the Empire State Building.....and top off all of that with a.....

             Guided Driving Tour of Midtown Manhattan!      some walking on each tour

34th Street Miracle Tour Reservations  1-888-837-7885



- 41 BIG - Big Apple Tours - Manhattan -

- Great American Cities -

- SEA  New York - Cruise -

- from the Water -


New York  Harbor Tour

- Luncheon - Cruise - Tours -

  Available All Year  from only $59pp 


..... Today you will have the experience of a lifetime !

- SEA  New York as never before -

      - Stories of Shipwrecks, Pirates, Tall Sailing Ships and Grand Ocean Liners. Hear about the Normandie, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary.  New York Harbor is an exciting, vibrant world of its own.  Boat Cruise and Luncheon in a maritime environment near Upper New York Bay. One of the Greatest natural harbors in the world, along with San Francisco and Hong Kong.  From stately cruise ships and ocean liners, to lowly working tug boats and barges, police boats and fireboats, along with sailboats and all kinds of pleasure craft.  People working and people having FUN.



  o  First Class Luxury Motorcoach    Museums Visited*

  o  New York City - Harbor Videos        *1 or 2 - varies by date

  o  Tour Guide / Historian              - South Street Seaport

  o  Luncheon at the Seaport or    - Sailing Ships

  o  Luncheon Cruise                      - Schermerhorn Row

            - Spirit of New York -          - “World Port New York”

        - Harbor Ferry or Cruise -      - New York Unearthed

  1.  Maritime History of New York - Governor’s Island Tour    

  2.  Brooklyn Waterfront              - Waterfront - Showboat Barge

  3.  Staten Island Waterfront           - National Lighthouse Mus.

  4.  New Jersey Waterfront              - Harbor Defense Museum

  5.  Freedom Tower &

          - World Trade Center Memorial - Tour Available

*choice 1-5

SEA New York  Tour Reservations  1-888-837-7885  



- 41 BIG - Big Apple Tours - Manhattan -

- Great American Cities -


Spirit of New York


 Luncheon Harbor Cruise


Luncheon & New York Harbor Cruise

Midtown AND Gallery Tours      

A Magnificent FUN Day in “the Big Apple”


Available All Year               from only $69 per person     

NYCbMCR      986

     Spirit of New York or Spirit of New Jersey   First Class Dining as you cruise New York Harbor on a unforgettable tour that shares with you the rich maritime heritage.  Come on!  Join us and all of you friends on the majestic Hudson River, and take a sightseeing tour around New York Harbor.....all the time enjoying a wonderful meal, music, and entertainment.  You also will be treated to a historic narration while on the ship as you sit in air-conditioned comfort.  

      If you like, you can go “topside” to the open deck to experience the breeze and take a deep breath, inhale the scents of the sea, that wonderful salt water aroma.


Included on Your New York Harbor Luncheon Cruise


  o  First Class Luxury Motorcoach with NYC Videos

  o  Spirit of New York      Luncheon cruise music and entertainment

  o  Guided Midtown Manhattan Tour

  o  Historic Narration about the Hudson River and New York City

  o  Forbes Magazine Gallery*Russian Faberge Eggs - Toy Collection

  o  South Street Seaport*   add to your Nautical Experience & FUN

  o  World Trade Center Site  view            *choice ex Monday & optional


SEA New York  Tour Reservations  1-888-837-7885  



- 41 BIG - Big Apple Tours - Manhattan -

- Great American Cities -


Backstage in the Big Apple

- See HOW the Big Apple REALLY works -


- Luncheon - Tranportation - Tours - ALL Included -

from only $49pp     - FULL Day Touring

- Available ALL Year -

Price Varies with Attractions Selected

NYCbMBe  10257


        Here is your BIG CHANCE to learn all about your favorite people & places.  FUN.  


Choose Your favorite 2-3 for 1-Day and call for details


      A.  Rockefeller Center                   F.  NBC Studio Tours

      B.  Top of the Rock                       G.  Radio City-Backstage

      C.  Empire State Building             H.  Carnegie Hall

      D.  Grand Central Terminal            I.  Cathedral Tour

      E.  Madison Square Garden         J.  Yankee Stadium Tour

            - Visit the Theatre and Locker Rooms of the Rangers or Knicks

      o   Wall Street - Stock Exchange - Federal Reserve             

      o   World Trade Center - Freedom Tower            

      o   Broadway Theatre - Backstage Tour

      o   Starwalk:  Movie Stars & Movie Shooting Sites

      o   Speak with the Actors on Broadway

      o   Gourmet - Waldorf = Astoria - Hotel Kitchen tour.....

      o   See a LIVE TV show

      o   Be right on stage where a TV show is taped

      o   Subway Tour & Museum  - Lots of FUN & very safe!


Back Stage Tours  -  Reservations  1-888-837-7885


- 41 BIG - Big Apple Tours - Manhattan -

- Great American Cities -


- Behind the Scenes Tours -

..... in New York City

Luncheon - Tranportation - Tours from only $49pp

- Available ALL Year -

Price Varies with Attractions Selected


      OK, so you want to know just how the Big Apple REALLY works.  Here is your BIG CHANCE  to learn all about your favorite people & places


      o   Starwalk :  Movie Stars & Movie Shooting Sites

      o   Speak with the actors on Broadway

      o   Visit the locker rooms of the

                                           - Yankees or the Rangers or Knicks

      o   Gourmet - Hotel Kitchen tour.....

      o   See a LIVE TV show

      o   Be Right on Stage where a TV show is taped

      o   Subway Tour    (Lots of FUN & very safe!)


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      o  NBC Studio Tours                      o  Radio City

      o  Rockefeller Center                     o  Lincoln Center

      o  Grand Central Terminal             o  Wall Street              

      o  Yankee Stadium                         o  Carnegie Hall

      o  Madison Square Garden           o  Cathedral Tour

      o  Broadway Theatre - Backstage Tour


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... include All Water-Themed  Cruises & Tours  from Connccticut to Newport RI





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- 41 BIG - Big Apple Tours - Manhattan -

- 1 Day Tour -

Teddy  Roosevelt

- The Tour - See New York in the 1880s -

 .... Teddy at home .... 26th President of the United States ....


                              - Available ALL Year -   f$69pp


      CHARGE !  Remember Teddy’s famous cavalry charge up San Juan Hill in the Spanish-American War in 1998?  Teddy Roosevelt was many things ..... Police Commissioner, Governor, Cabinet Member, and President of the United States, and also our first environmentalist.

      Share Teddy’s adventures as we visit the homes that the President loved the most....the townhouse where he was born on October 27, 1858 and lived in until age 14, then tour his magnificent estate, Sagamore Hill, on Long Island, where he lived most of his adult life, and died on January 6, 1919.  This was the first “Summer White House”.

      Teddy Roosevelt, a portrait of the President who transformed America from a fledgling nation into a world power.  President Roosevelt is considered our first “modern” president in that he expanded American influence greatly, especially in the area of foreign affairs.

      He loved his work, and was quoted as saying “No President ever enjoyed himself as much as I”.


Included on Your Teddy Roosevelt ... at home ...Tour


      o  First Class Luxury Motorcoach

      o  Local Guide

      o  Luncheon choice: 

           1.  On Long Island at the historic Milleridge Inn & Shops

           2.  In Manhattan, The Dallas Restaurant (others available)

      o  TR’s Birthplace - Manhattan Victorian Brownstone

                  - Early 20th Century reconstruction of Teddy’s birthplace, where he was born on lived for the first 14 years of his life.

      o  Sagamore Hill - The very first “Summer White House”               .....built for his family in 1887, and where he died in 1919.Tour the 23-room house and visit the museum. 

      o  Carriage Ride in Central Park*                                              *optional

                  - Enjoy a ride through the byways of America’s first major park, just as Teddy and friends did on many occasions.


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- 41 BIG - Big Apple Tours - Manhattan -


- Big Apple - TV and Movie Site

- On-Location Tours -

100-TV & MOVIE Locations Tour

- 1,000 +  Stories - Gossip - Anecdotes -

Seinfeld - Sex and the City - Friends - Sopranos

 - Available ALL Year -    from $79 pp


      You will See it ALL in 1 Exciting FUN Tour of

the Big Apple’s TV and Movie shooting location sites. 

Your Actor / Guide will fill you in !


   A.  Superman, Spiderman, King Kong, and Holly Golightly..... they are all waiting for you

B.  Lunch in a fabulous Manhattan Diner where the waiters sing and dance or other Broadway area restaurant. 

Eat where the locals eat, too!

C.  Come Ready to sing TV Theme Songs & see Videos on board  your coach


- Included on Your Manhattan TV & Movie Site Tour -

  o   First Class Luxury Motorcoach - Double-Decker Bus is op

  o   Luncheon at a Midtown Restaurant. Several choices.

  o   Local Tour Guide / Actor

  o   More FUN , LAUGHS, STORIES than you can recall

  o   Carriage Ride in Central Park* to see sites used in movies                      such as  Love Story, Kramer vs Kramer, When                              Harry Met Sally, Ghost Busters, Home Alone II

- All FUN Memories -

      1.  Visit the apartment building from Friends

      2.  See where Grace of Will & Grace had her studio

      3.  See the diner used in Men in Black and Manhattan                                                                                            Woody Allen

      4.  Take a trip thru time while visiting sites of classic films                             and modern day movies - Breakfast at Tiffany’s

      5.  Sites from The Apprentice, When Harry Met Sally, Devil                                                    Wears Prada, Coyote Ugly

      6.  More than 100 sites & More than 1000 stories, gossip,                                                                                              and tidbits.

- Sex and the City -

      1.  Sit on Carrie’s apartment stoop.         

      2.  Have a cupcake where Carrie and Miranda ate cupcakes

      3.  Visit the church where Samantha meets “the Friar”

      4.  Go On-Location to the gallery in SOHO where Charlotte                                                                                              worked

      5.  See the furniture store where Aidan designed his pieces

      6.  Stop at the store where Charlotte bought her “Rabbit”

- Seinfeld -

      1.  See the restaurant luncheonette where George, Jerry,                                                              Elaine, and Cosmo met daily.

      2.  Site of the “Soup Kitchen” in the 7th Season.  You may              even purchase some of Al’s prepared soup to take home!

      3.  Hear more Seinfeld stories than you can                                                             remember.....and laugh at ALL of them !

- Sopranos -

      1.  Stop at the “Bada Bing”             

      2.  See Harrison High School -- A.J. Pizzas in the pool

      3.  See Satriales, Tony’s pork store hangout

      4.  Visit the spot where Big Pussy spoke to the FBI

      5.  See Pizzaland, the Muffler Man, and other sites where                                                           the opening scenes were shot.

      6.  Enjoy a canoli while listening to behind-the-scenes info                                                      on the Sopranos

*Carriage Ride is optional  ADD $20pp   f = tour price varies with your distance traveled and restaurant selected

TV Show Sites are ALL in Manhattan ... 

 ...as many as possible in 4 hours

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