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The Brooklyn Bridge The Brooklyn Bridge is a hybrid cable-stayed/suspension bridge in New York City. It connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn, spanning the East River. The Brooklyn Bridge has a main span of 1,595.5 feet and a height of 133 ft above Mean High Water.
Walk the Brooklyn Bridge Take the best walk in the city and soak in the skyline
Brooklyn Botanical Garden
NYC Steakhouses Visit Peter Luger, NYC's oldest and truest NYC style steakhouse
NYC Transit Museum
Tour Yankee Stadium Yankee Stadium is a baseball park located in Concourse, Bronx, New York City. It is the home field for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball, and New York City FC of Major League Soccer
Arthur Avenue Delis
The Bronx Zoo see the tiger cubs at the Bronx Zoo!
Haupt Conservatory The Enid A. Haupt Conservatory is a greenhouse in the Bronx, New York, United States, a major part of the New York Botanical Garden. Inspiration for the park and the conservatory stemmed from Nathaniel Lord Britton and his wife Elizabeth.
Brooklyn Brownstones
Staten Island Ferris Wheel
Staten Island Ferry catch the best possible view of the Statue of Libery from the Staten Island Ferry

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Staten Island-The Tour


..... The Quiet Borough .....


NYUCb1S         10257                            Available All Year      from $59 pp

      Tucked away across New York harbor is a lovely island with beaches, lots of private homes, and a lot of history.  The Vanderbilt family cemetery is here.  Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt started building his fortune by borrowing money from his mother to start a ferry service between Staten Island and Manhattan.

     Geographically closer to New Jersey, Staten Island has a lot of open land and few high buildings.  It has a small town feel, with plenty of interesting places to see for a very full day.  We start with a ride on the Staten Island Ferry, then visit 2-3 attractions and enjoy a hearty American Meal at a local restaurant.


- Included in Your Staten Island Tour -


     -  First Class Luxury Motorcoach

     -  Local Guide                        

     -  Staten Island Ferry Narrated Cruise

     -  Luncheon                           

     -  Historic Richmond Town

     -  National Lighthouse Center    -  Fort Wadsworth

     -  Snug Harbor Cultural Center

     -  Staten Island Railway - Ride & Tour


-  Staten Island Ferry Narrated Cruise -

      What better way to start your tour than  by taking one of the BEST boat rides in the world..... the Staten Island Ferry.  Your cruise across New York Harbor offers fresh, invigorating breezes, and an opportunity to see the skyline of Manhattan.  The ferry arrives in St. George, which is the main commercial area.  The Staten Island Railway begins here.

-  National Lighthouse Center and Museum -

      Adjacent to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal is the site of the US Lighthouse service depot, opened in 1862.  This is  the future site of the National Lighthouse Center and Museum.  All of the original buildings have Landmark status, awaiting  renovation.  The ten acre site is open to the public and includes an 850 foot pier, featuring the Lightship Nantucket.                                                            Guided walking tour included.

-  Historic Richmond Town -

     For 300 years, Richmond Town was the center of community life for the mostly farmers living on Staten Island.  Today it is a living history museum, occupying 25 acres of the 100 acre site.  15 buildings represent domestic, commercial, and civic life for nearly 300 years, with restored buildings, re-enactment’s, and costumed interpreters.  Very Well Done.

-  Fort Wadsworth -

      This fort has guarded the entrance to New York Harbor for 200 years, and was one of the most important military installations in the USA.  Now managed by the National Park Service, the last military tenant was the US Nave, which departed in 1995.  A guided tour of the fortifications will provide you with an exceptional look at this critical part the defense of New York.  Walk the ramparts and catacomb-like passageways, and share a stunning view of the harbor where you can still see all ships entering New York Harbor.                                                   Interactive Visitor’s Center

-  Snug Harbor -

      Originally built as a residence for retired Seamen, Snug Harbor was founded in 1801, and by 1900 housed nearly 1000 sailors.  For the past 30 years, the Greek Revival buildings have been restored and Snug Harbor has been transformed into a premier cultural center including art museums, botanical gardens, a music hall.     Exceptional restoration

Staten Island - The Guided Tour - 1-888-837-7885

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- Brooklyn - The Tour -

Botanic Gardens - Brooklyn Museum

Park Slope - NYC Transit Museum

Luncheon - International Choice of Reststaurants

NYCbBKB 2107b             Available All Year        from only $79pp

         Brooklyn is neighborhoods and people and history.  Wonderful families, exciting, vibrant immigrant communities.  If Brooklyn was a city, it would be the 4th largest city in the United States ... and the one with the most character(s).

        Brooklyn is so much more than the Dodgers.  They haven’t been there in 50 years! 

            Come join us as we explore the heart of Brooklyn, just across ... the Brooklyn Bridge.


- Included in Your Brooklyn Guided Tour -

      o   First Class Luxury Motorcoach with NYC Videos

      o   Tour Guide / Historian

      o   Luncheon in the Heart of Brooklyn

Choice of Cuisine & Restaurants

            Hearty All-American - Italian - Chinese - International

      o   Brooklyn Driving Tour - Park Slope - Prospect Park

      o   Brooklyn Museum*

      o   Brooklyn Botanic Gardens*   superb & seasonal

    Think of any plant and flower, any tree, and you will find it here!

      o   New York City Transit Museum* 

                  Yes, the Subways & Trolleys !  FUN & Memories !

      o   Brooklyn Bridge - Walk Across part-way

  *choose 2

- Brooklyn - The Guided Tour      1-888-837-7885 -

- 41 BIG - Big Apple Tours - The Bronx -

A Country Day in the CITY

New York Botanical Gardens  and  The Bronx Zoo

Luncheon* at  Mario’s  on Arthur Avenue

  NYCb1BX   2107          Available  April - October from $69 pp

*Other restaurants available from $69pp. 

Arthur Avenue Restaurants, Mario’s, Emilia’s from $79pp

       A very special day today as we travel back in time to an era when New York City was still the Broncks (Dutch).  When the Bronx River flowed calmly through the countryside.  this section is called Belmont and was part of land owned by the Lorillard Family.  Peaceful, quiet, and a wonderful one-day getaway so near. 

     Also, a visit to one of the most famous, most important zoos in the world:  the Bronx Zoo, for a visit with the animals in a natural setting.      

      Both tours include a tram ride where you can get on and off as you choose. 

      Truly a different world.....and you will learn much about the land around us and the animals of the world.  You are welcome to stroll the gardens at your own pace if you like! 

     Plus, we will have lunch at one of the wonderful restaurants in the Arthur Avenue area, known for its excellent Italian food.   Restaurant varies with dates.....all excellent cuisine.  Other restaurants available.

- Your Country Day Tour Outline -

   o   First Class Luxury Motorcoach         

   o   Luncheon*choices - Arthur Avenue at Mario's, or                                                Emilia’s Delicious Sample Menu Choices:

            Salad, Entree Choice: Veal & Peppers, Filet of Sole                                       Saute with Pasta, Coffee and Cake.

   o   Italian Market & Bakery on Arthur Avenue

   o   Bronx Zoo - including Tram Ride      

   o   New York Botanical Cardens

                ... including Tram Ride & Haupt Conservatory

      Your Choice of Special Tours for Your Group  (op$)

                Tram Tour   - The magic of the season unfolds on this fully narrated and escorted journey where you will delight in the beauty of Mother Nature.  Basic Tram Ride & Tour.

                Ecological Tour  - Explore the Earth at its best on this tour of the 40 acre forest, traveling thru a river gorge carved by glaciers; a last remnant of the forest that once covered.  New York City, and get a first hand look at the birds, plants, and wildlife.

                Haupt Conservatory Tour - Excellent indoor exhibit of flora collected and cultivated from worldwide.  Conservatory building was part of the original “Crystal Palace”.

- A Country Day - 1-888-837-7885

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- Yankee Stadium - The Tour -


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